Punk Arcade is a GlitchLab affiliated project (co-curated in collaboration with Lee Tusman) that was first iterated at Little Berlin Gallery in Philadelphia and will be soon coming to Los Angeles. We made some rad cardboard cabinets, hung out with our Philly pals, and had a great time. You can see our curatorial statement here:

Punk Arcade is a traveling DIY games exhibit presenting works that are independent, minimal, offbeat, and sometimes gritty. All the featured games have been constructed rapidly, by one person or a small team, outside of the AAA world of mainstream videogames. These works are the product of increased access to game-making software tools which have opened up the field of game-making to publics who had previously never had the necessary skills.  These new designers, or “video game zinesters” (as dubbed by game designer Anna Anthropy), are shifting the pre-existing paradigm for the creation and distribution of games by creating radical work that can be distributed online for free.

Punk Arcade is an alternative arcade featuring seven games meant to represent the range of work produced by the DIY videogame community. The exhibition will be supplemented with a game-making workshop for artists and others with no prior experience in programming or videogame design.

Featuring: Keep Me Occupied by Anna Anthropy, Big Huggin’ by Lindsay Grace, Tennnes by Jan Willem Nijman, Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure by Ryan and Cassie Creighton, Can You Jump It 3D by Steven “Increpare” Lavelle, The Immoral Ms. Panic by Hannah Epstein, Jetpack Basketball by Messhoff.

Until we bring Punk Arcade to where you are, you can follow the Punk Arcade blog, which already has 30,000 followers. What?!


Sarah at SFMOMA and Grassroots Game Conference

This Thursday April 19th, Sarah Brin will be speaking on a panel at the SFMOMA as part of their programming for ArtGameLab, a selection of crowdsourced games deigned by SFMOMA’s community. Check out the details here. Will you be around? Say hi!


Then on Monday April 23rd, she’ll be speaking at the Grassroots Game Conference in Philly. You can find out more about her presentation and her awesome conference co-participants here.